The Gruen Effect

I went to the mall this weekend, like many others across the continent.  But this time it was different.  I knew about the Gruen Effect, thanks to my new-found friend, Ellen Ruppel Shell, who has given me a new way of looking at consumerism. Malls, as we know them, would not exist today if itContinue reading “The Gruen Effect”

Wanamaker and the Price Tag

John Wanamaker lived in a previous century, but his legacy continues to guide our shopping style and attitudes.  And if my instincts are correct, he will continue to exert power over our approach to consumerism into the foreseeable future. John Wanamaker, a deeply religious man, believed in equality for all, especially when it came toContinue reading “Wanamaker and the Price Tag”

The bigger the basket, the more you will buy!

My first thought as we enter the mall parking lot: where are the shopping carts? This indispensable tool in our bargain-hunting arsenal has many names – trolley, carriage, trundler, buggy and wagon basket. They come in many sizes, the larger ones able to support a baby carrier or, by adding a small steering wheel andContinue reading “The bigger the basket, the more you will buy!”

Will my shopping habits change?

The measure of book and of an author can be found in their transformational ability. Simply put, do they make you think or reconsider a closely held value that you believe is incontestable? The whole point of reading is that you learn – something, anything, even a little bit. Whether it’s a novel, textbook orContinue reading “Will my shopping habits change?”