Alice B. Toklas

To be clear, I love all books, which must be understood before you read my next sentence: Over the past few years, my enjoyment of fiction has been overtaken by my greater enthusiasm for non-fiction.  This may be a bold statement, to be sure, but if you ever read, “The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas,” writtenContinue reading “Alice B. Toklas”

Gertrude Stein – A Bold Experimenter

“Writing and reading is to me synonymous with existing.” Gertrude Stein If I was ever asked who I would like to spend an afternoon with, I would choose Gertrude Stein.   After all, she lived in Paris surrounded by all that she loved best – art, music, poetry, food and wine.   Her residence at the salon,Continue reading “Gertrude Stein – A Bold Experimenter”

The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris

“Not all pioneers went west.” David McCullough   I will confess that my 2013 OTR Reading Program was excessively optimistic!!  It is October;   only two months to go before 2013 will be replaced by the 2014 OTR Reading Program.  I am taking the “unread” books with me for they are simply too good to leaveContinue reading “The Greater Journey: Americans in Paris”


Palais de Chaillot, Paris, 7 June 1940 “Rumours are flying, all flatly contradictory, but it seems clear that the Germans are advancing on all fronts. It’s only a matter of advanced units of motorized troops – naturally – but however they try to explain it away in the newspapers and on the radio, I’m convincedContinue reading “Résistance”