Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis

“We were talking of DRAGONS, Tolkien and I In a Berkshire bar. The big workman Who had sat silent and sucked his pipe All the evening, from his empty mug With gleaming eye glanced towards us: “I seen ’em myself!” he said fiercely.” C.S. Lewis Today, I am celebrating C.S. Lewis’s birthday by drinking teaContinue reading “Happy Birthday C.S. Lewis”

OTR Reading Program 2013

“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.” Ralph Waldo Emerson OnTheRoad Reading Program 2013 is ready to post – finally! Reading lists, in my experience, are in the same category as New Years resolutions. They seem easy at first and then they become “not so easy” when you put them into action. MyContinue reading “OTR Reading Program 2013”