Star Trek – It Was All True

A Briefer History of Time was about curiosity, guesswork, hope and wonder.  I understood about 35%  and  of the contents, which was enough to recognize that dreaming “big” is the only way to go. Remember “beam me up, Scottie.”   How about wormholes, photon torpedoes, multiple dimensions, time travel?  It is possible. It is about findingContinue reading “Star Trek – It Was All True”

Cleo’s Out – Stephen’s In

I A Briefer History of Time by Stephen W. Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow via Goodreads | Rebecca Budd’s bookshelf: all (showing 0-0 of 0) (sorted by: review) Rebecca Budd has 0 books on her all shelf. Cleopatra is in transit, so I turned to Stephen Hawking for solace.   I was pleased to see that myContinue reading “Cleo’s Out – Stephen’s In”