There is a Difference

I am convinced that we read more now than ever before.  But it’s different. Paper is no longer the medium of choice.  News comes to my iPhone, my books are delivered via the ubiquitous cables to my Kindle and Kobo.  Even my beloved public library lends books over Internet channels. I listen to audiobooks onContinue reading “There is a Difference”

OTR Reading Program 2014

“So many books, so little time.”   Frank Zappa It is now May 2014 and the OnTheRoad Reading Program 2014 is posted.  I confess that I had an exceptionally robust reading program for 2013.  Of the twenty-one listed books, I completed seven, all of which have left a lasting mark.  I have named 2013, the yearContinue reading “OTR Reading Program 2014”