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Highbrow Dictionary? “Green’s Dictionary of Slang”

TIME Magazine introduces a new book.  “Lowbrow language gets a highbrow dictionary.”  I think you will find this intriguing.  A quote:  “A  slang dictionary is many ways counterintuitive–or one might say, a bit bonkers.   Slang by nature is cool, and dictionaries are uncool… But the strange marriage of academia and irreverance is what makes Jonathon Green’s […]


Cleo’s Out – Stephen’s In

I A Briefer History of Time by Stephen W. Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow via Goodreads | Rebecca Budd’s bookshelf: all (showing 0-0 of 0) (sorted by: review) Rebecca Budd has 0 books on her all shelf. Cleopatra is in transit, so I turned to Stephen Hawking for solace.   I was pleased to see that my […]


Hitchens to The Kings Speech screenwriter: You’re a dupe for the royal family. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

The battle of words continues.  In my January 29, 2011 post, Christopher announced that The King’s Speech was a “good movie” but “very bad history.”    Not surprising, Christopher received a rebuttal which he eagerly embraced with his latest volley. Hitchens to The Kings Speech screenwriter: Youre a dupe for the royal family. – By […]