Cleopatra & Sailing the Adriatic

I finished Cleopatra, A Life, when I was sailing on the Adriatic to Athens, the city where Cleopatra once walked along the tree-lined streets.  Athens is crowded, noisy and absolutely wonderful with the sun overhead and the dignified Parthenon balanced virtuously on a high hill.  Ancient mixed with contemporary history makes for a heady senseContinue reading “Cleopatra & Sailing the Adriatic”

Cleopatra: A Life

Stacy Schiff — Cleopatra: A Life The Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer brings to life the most intriguing woman in the history of the world: Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt. via Goodreads | Stacy Schiff’s videos. Chapters will be delivering my personal audio-book:  Cleopatra – A Life.   It should be in my hands by Wednesday.  IContinue reading “Cleopatra: A Life”