Milestones: Happy Birthday Jane Austen

Jane Austen would be pleased to know that her letters will be preserved for all to see.

Portrait of Jane Austen, 1873 (Public Domain) Based on one drawn by her sister Cassandra

This morning, I read the most exciting news on The Literary Hub. Walker Caplan wrote that The Honresfield Library’s rare collection, that dates back to the 1800’s, came up for auction this May. Up until then, this collection had been hidden from public view.

In this treasure trove are the handwritten poems of Emily Brontë, and letters by Robert Burns, Walter Scott, and Jane Austen.

I encourage you to read Walker Caplan’s article because it demonstrates how communities coming together accomplish amazing things. Check out this excerpt and links.

Academics’ and Brontë fans’ excitement at learning the Honresfield Library still existed turned to concern knowing these important documents would be sold right back into private collections, where the public once again couldn’t access them. Thus, eight groups—the British Library, the National Library of Scotland, the Bodleian Libraries at Oxford, the Brotherton Library at the University of Leeds, and museums dedicated to Jane Austen, Walter Scott, Robert Burns and the Brontës—united to raise $21 million to purchase and preserve the Honresfield Library for the public, led by Friends of the National Libraries. The Literary Hub

Happy Birthday, Jane Austen!

14 Replies to “Milestones: Happy Birthday Jane Austen”

    1. Wouldn’t that be the most remarkable adventure, Robbie. I’m hoping that they will digitalize this treasure trove so that we can access them virtually. Imagine the fragile and delicate state of these papers. And to think they were held by the writers and poets that recorded the words!!!

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      1. I share your hope, Robbie. The news from South Africa is indeed heartening. I am very interested in Nieu Bethesda and have visited their website. Extraordinary!! Have a wonderful time. Looking forward to your phots! Hugs!

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    1. I am uncertain whether Jane’s sister painted this particular painting. It seems someone used her sister’s drawing as a model. I continue to learn and learn and learn!

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  1. AHA!!! Precious and Well-loved Works of Art Literature recued from the fate of being lost forever in some dark underground store house, or possibly worse, hidden in some selfish wealthy owner’s living room! Now, we have no excuse, let us read, read, read! ! !

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