Milestones: Mark Twain

Mark Twain by A.F. Bradley, New York – (Public Domain)

On November 30, 1835, Mark Twain is born.

In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.” Mark Twain

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15 thoughts on “Milestones: Mark Twain

  1. Thank you for including “Who was Mark Twain”. I learned a lot, did not know that Mark Twain was not his given name. The story of his young and growing life was so interesting. You and Dave Astor have encouraged me to read more about this famous author. and his own story of his life and experience! !

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    1. I am delighted that you will be reading more of Mark Twain’s books, Frances. I am hoping to get back to his autobiography that I started a few years back. So little time and so many marvelous books that are “must reads.”

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      1. That is not necessarily true of mine, Rebecca [Smile]. I sometimes delete my old ones to make space for new ones. I deleted 540 posts from Robbie’s Inspiration last year. Maybe having so many blogs isn’t such a bad idea but it feels like a lot to keep up with.

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      2. I confess that I love opening new blogs for specific reasons, mostly to explore diverse subjects. Some of my blogs have long stretches between posts. You, my dear friend, are a blogger powerhouse!! You continue to inspire and amaze me.

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    1. I started Mark Twain’s autobiography Volume 1 a few years ago and I need to get back to it, because it has so many delicious details. I was too busy at the time and I wanted to read it when I had more time to reflect. He told his publishers that they would not be able to publish it till 100 years after his death. Can you imagine how his publishers must have felt to sit on a best-seller for 100 years!

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  2. Yet another memorable Mark Twain quote, Rebecca!

    Coincidentally, I had been thinking of mentioning Twain’s November 30 birthday in my next blog post — along with also mentioning L.M. Montgomery’s November 30 birthday. An historic day for great authors. 🙂

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    1. You are so right, Dave! Did you know that it was also Madeleine L’Engle’s birthday was on November 29th. November has so many wonderful celebrations! Looking forward to your post. By the way, I started Mark Twain’s Autobiography and must get back to it. I have Volume 1 and I think there is Volume 2 and I heard that there may be a Volume 3. Thank you for being as Anne Shirley said so well, a Kindred Spirit.

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      1. Thank you, Rebecca! 🙂 It’s wonderful that there are many “Kindred Spirits” in the blogosphere. 🙂

        November is indeed a month of famous writer birthdays!

        I hope you found Mark Twain’s autobiography a good read so far. Probably something I should get to one of these days…

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      2. It was a good read so far, but it was detailed and I was too busy at the time to give it the attention it was due. I remember that I listened to the audiobook from the library, but it had to go back. How can anyone read/listen to Mark Twain’s autobiography is 2 weeks. So I see that there is a Kindle edition. Let me know when you will get to it in “one of these days” and I will read it with you.

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