Poetry in Brief – a day in a life – by Jean-Jacques Fournier

I had been checking the mail awaiting a special arrival.

Two days ago, I received the package that held the first edition of Jean-Jacques Fournier’s poetry book, Poetry in Brief – a day in a life -.

I had already downloaded the e-book format, but there is something wonderful about feeling the pages turn and reveal the words that are waiting for me on the next page.

Jean-Jacques” acknowledgement at the end of the book was poignant and a testament to the creative talent of Marianne, his wife and life partner.

“My profound heartfelt thanks to my dear wife and life partner Marianne. For it is she with her creative mind, for near all my book designs, continues to be my poetic council, reader and adviser. Thus so with patience, that can still endure my unorthodox writing time, and schedule abuses. Her ongoing encouragement, along with that of generous readers, have brought this effort, my seventeenth collection of poems, to a finished book state.”

I have already taken Poetry in Brief on my nature walk and spoke the words aloud in the sunshine to the audience of spring flowers.

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11 thoughts on “Poetry in Brief – a day in a life – by Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. How lovely, Rebecca. I agree that there is something nice about holding a book of poetry. Much better than an ebook for sitting outside and reading, especially reading aloud. Paper is tactile and sensory… like poems. A wonderful dedication too. It takes a lot of patience and tolerance to live with someone who writes (to live with any artist, perhaps). ❤

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    1. How lovely to receive your comment, Diana. I am fascinated by the strong support system that is in place for writers and artists. I think of Theo’s care of Vincent, of the Rossetti family and the Beecher family. It seems that when you have the commitment of others to sustain the creative journey, that great things happen. Perhaps being a supporter is a creative endeavour in and of itself. To embrace the vision of another takes courage and a belief in another’s dream. Thank you again for sharing the creative pathway. It is exhilarating.

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  2. Jean-Jacques book is cued up for me to read as soon as I finish the one I’ve currently reading. I have the physical book, which is just beautiful and a treat to hold in my hands.

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  3. Thank you for sharing the story of this author. i appreciate his acknowledgement of his caring wife who encourages and helps him in his writings. How wonderful it is to hear of a happy couple working together. Thank you for sharing his short life story in the special red place. It is a unique story! I agree it is good to read stories on line, but it is really special to feel the book in hand as we read. I really like your pretty yellow flowers, a terrific photo of spring.

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    1. I am delighted that you enjoyed reading about Jean-Jacques new poetry book. When we connect over zoom, I will read you his poetry. Poetry is even better when it is shared!

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