Jean-Jacques Fournier, LOVE by any Definition

In the first week of March, when Spring was awakening and the chill of winter was softening, enticing the earth to bring forth new growth, I received Jean-Jacques Fournier’s 16th book of poems, “Love – by any definition.”

The timing of publishing in January welcomed a new year and a new decade of wonderful possibilities. With its elegant cover of embossed gold and iconic photographs accompany the inside pages, Jean-Jacques’ book of poetry expressed the diverse perspectives of love’s sensibilities.

Jean-Jacques and Marianne were traveling in Italy when I received “Love – by any definition” in my mailbox. Once the book was in hand, I felt the immediate urge to head out into nature and recite one of the poems.

Reading out loud on a hill overlooking the Vancouver skyline was an exhilarating moment. The foreshadowing of what was to come within a few short days had not reached our city.

The word of the pandemic came only a few days later. March 12, 2020 the WHO announced the COVID-19 outbreak a pandemic. Jean-Jacques and Marianne returned quickly from their stay in Italy, safe and sound.

These past six months have been defining. The world has experienced an unprecedented disruption that continues to challenge our daily living and interactions.

As I listen to my recitation of Jean-Jacques’ poem, “I Wish You Love – more than you’d miss,” I hear a singular truth. In times of uncertainty, love and compassion, friendship and steadfastness will grant us courage and bestow a sense of community.

Join me in reciting “I Wish You Love – more than you’d miss.”

Jean-Jacques is a repeat guest on Tea Toast & Trivia Podcast. I invite you to the conversation.

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12 thoughts on “Jean-Jacques Fournier, LOVE by any Definition

    1. I am delighted that you joined me on this hilltop, which is just off the Vancouver Seawall on the way to Charles Park where the dogs can go off-leash. It is one of the happiest places in Vancouver. I watch how the dogs drag their humans along the SeaWall so that they can reach their friends at the park. I was without internet last night as we changed our modem. After a few challenges we were back on line. Isn’t it interesting how one plug into a wall connects us to the world. Thank you for the hugs – sending mine back your way!!!

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  1. There can never be enough poems about love! Thank you for this lovely recitation of Jean-Jacques’ poem with your beautiful Vancouver backdrop. It’s funny how spring looks and feels like autumn is about to look. And I do remember this included podcast conversation about ravens. Time flies from then, from last spring, to now. I appreciate your support of poetry and poets. Mr. Fournier is quite prolific, published and blessed to have a talented wife and partner…and such a good friend as yourself. The last phrase of this poem is wonderful. To love and be loved beyond what we could ever miss is a profound gift. Congratulations to all!

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly, to be loved beyond what we could ever miss is a profound gift, Mary Jo. Marianne’s design is stellar. What I enjoy most about “Love by any Definition” is the way in which Jean-Jacques brings out different aspects of love. I looked up the definition of “love” and found a plethora of thoughts and definitions from psychologists to the creatives, to the scientists. Perhaps the best definition is found in 1 Corinthians 13, which is used quite often in wedding ceremonies. Bottom line, we know intuitively when we are loved.

      We have a marvelous community of kindred spirits. I am amazed by how serendipity has brought us together. My gratitudes goes to poets like you and Jean-Jacques who generously share poetry. Thank you for you visit and comments – so very much appreciated. Many hugs!!!

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  2. It’s always a wonderful morning that starts with you reciting poetry, thank you Becky. And such a pleasure to hear more of Jean-Jacques’ beautiful words. I feel properly set up for the day. 💜

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    1. Good morning from Vancouver! I remember reciting this outside on a Spring evening, quite oblivious to what was coming only a few days later. The quote that came up in my inbox a couple of days ago was by Marcus Aurelius (wouldn’t he have been a great blogger in our day) “Never let the future disturb you. You will meet it, if you have to, with the same weapons of reason which today arm you against the present.” Your comments and visits always set me up for my day. Happy Friday – have a wonderful weekend.

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      1. Thank you Liz – you are a wonderful encouragement! So much has happened over the past six months. As I listened to the recitation I felt that sense of destiny that comes when the world changes overnight. We always think that great disruptions happen in another place and another time.

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  3. I am delighted to find this, really a lovely poem. And such a outstanding gift–and to receive it in the mail! That does not happen that often these days. I really like the cover, so well done. Thank you for sharing, really a treat this evening when I arrived home after a rainy day.

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    1. I knew you would love this post, Frances! The delivery of the package was delayed because it was placed in the wrong mail box. The mail box owner was on holidays for a couple of weeks, which delayed the delivery further. But eventually the gift found its way home – at the right time.

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