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Sunday, September 6, 2020 is Read a Book Day, which came into being somewhere at the end of the decade that ushered in the 21st century. I read that the Read a Book Day may have been first recommended by a librarian thinking to interest children to read. And as librarians are known for brilliant suggestions, I am certain the origin of Read a Book Day came from that illustrious source. After all, they know first-hand the power of books to inspire, inform, and entertain. Children may have been the target audience, but a great idea has a way of becoming a movement. September 6th is a celebration of reading for everyone. So, I will devote a full day to reading and drinking copious amounts of tea.

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Your Invitation to OnTheRoad Book Club

OnTheRoad Book Club blog came into being in 2011 because I wanted to record my thoughts on reading and commemorate a new decade of reading, which was primarily focused on non-fiction. At the time, I walked to and from work rather than taking a car. It was my way of reducing my carbon footprint, keeping fit and taking my iPod out for a spin. Even though I now work from home, I continue to walk with an audio-book. With a voice coming through my earbuds, it feels as if I have a friend with me.

My first blog entry was January 6, 2011: We are on the road for most of our life, whether in the car, on a plane (jet), bus, or sky-train. We use bikes, skies, snowboards, skateboards, and roller blades to get us from point A to point B. And when we want to get into shape, we use our feet to propel us along the trail. My book club has always been on the road. We use travel time, to go places through books: ancient Egypt, K2, New York, and Easter Island. Welcome to OnTheRoad Book Club.

Fast forward to September 2020, I have come back to fiction. And I am going back on the road this September with my earbuds and sturdy walking shoes. I have enjoyed a summer break when sitting in the shade sipping iced tea was deliciously refreshing.

An internet search of “book clubs” confirms that we enjoy reading within a community structure. Celebrity book clubs have encouraged readers to look beyond their normal reading material. Book clubs are a way in which people can share the joy of reading, debate the issues, and find common ground. Technology has given enormous advantages, which has made our reading even more productive and efficient. Chapters, Indigos, Amazon, and our public library have treasures yet to be read.

“The popularity of book clubs points to our ongoing love for books. They date back to the 1600s with women’s Bible studies. But, in the last few decades, reading has taken on a much more social element influenced, in large part, by Oprah Winfrey’s Book Club. Starting in 1996, Oprah’s Book Club recommended 70 books contributing to over $55 million in sales and has been credited with inspiring millions of people to read books.” National Today

I have found the blogging community an essential “book” resource. Thank you, my dear friends. I am grateful for the conversations, suggestions, and excellent books reviews. You have confirmed there is always a story to be read, an adventure to be imagined, and an idea to be understood.

25 Replies to “Read A Book Day”

  1. I can’t believe I missed ‘read a book day’! Perhaps that is because, like Dave Astor, every day is read a book day as far as I am concerned!! This is a marvellous tribute to a wonderful aspect of our daily lives. I am spending most of my reading time at the moment with Cathy and Heathcliff and can’t wait for our conversation about them! X

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    1. Oh, Liz – I am looking so forward to our conversation. I can’t believe Emily’s brilliance in bringing this storyline to life. She broke beyond all traditional barriers of her time and spoke about mental health, early childhood education, the legacy of hate and vengeance. And then, the best part of all – redemption. I have goosebumps just thinking about it.

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  2. We are so blessed to know other book lovers and have an automatic community born of that love. It’s a glorious day, and I intend to read more than usual today in its honor! Here’s to books and our fortunate abundance of them!!

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly. We have an amazing community connected by our love for books. You will find this interesting, Mary Jo. Did you know that September 7th is “Buy a Book” Day, which came into being in 2012? It is the first time I heard about it and just happened to come across it when I was reading up on September 6th! It seems when we have finished reading a book on September 6th, we need to head out and buy another on September 7th. I thought you would appreciated the premise and link to the website: “TV and movies have taken over our lives these days. That’s not to say that watching certain TV shows or movies is a waste of our time—there are many well-made, thought-provoking things to be watched. And of course, thanks to Kindle, carrying even multiple books around at the same time has become infinitely easier and more practical. Still, however, it is a bit sad how the the old-fashioned art of reading a regular paper book seems to be slowly fading away into the past. It sometimes seems as though children today do not even know the scent of an old book, a book that has touched the lives of so many, and how wonderful it can be to settle down on the couch with such a book on a rainy day and disappear into the world it creates.”

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      1. Oh I agree wholeheartedly with what you say here! And I’m going to purchase a book today, because I can’t wait until tomorrow 🙂 Hugs & more hugs

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  3. Thank you for your invitation! I am accepting with joy! Books offer so much, joy, education, look into history, romance, science, fiction, and on and on. Listening to books has offered a new way to enjoy the experience. I have joined a book challenge with family and the experience has been profitable for me in several ways–and there is more to experience and learn! !

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    1. Frances – you and Sarah are well ahead of me on this Family Book Challenge. I agree wholeheartedly that there is more to experience and learn. I have a stack of books waiting to be opened. Looking forward to the winter months ahead. I am stocking up on some special tea to go with the reading. For example, I have Russian Caravan to go with my reading of Russian Literature. Audio-books have opened me up to the way narrators interpret the story just by listening their voices.

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      1. Ahhh! So you are into Russian literature. Very good reading, the three Russiam books that I have read are among my favorites. We will have to share!

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    1. I am thrilled that you will be joining me on September 6th. You are the best companion to have on a book adventure. Are you ready to follow Alice down the rabbit hole? I am!!!!

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  4. I didn’t know “Read a Book Day” existed! Thank you, Rebecca, for that information and for your excellent/important post on books and reading. I like to think there are 365 “Read a Book Days” every year…except when there are 366. 🙂

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    1. I love that we have one extra day every 4 years. I have been fascinated by the idea of book clubs ever since a friend of mine gifted me “The Poisonwood Bible” in Summer 2000. It was on the Oprah Book Club list and she said it was a must-read book. I remember the exact time that I started reading “The Poisonbook Bible.” I was in the outdoor theatre of “Bard on The Beach” waiting for a performance of “The Tempest” to begin. The word “tempest” was serendipitous. I went back to Oprah’s book club today and found this: Book clubs will be an essential link to community within our new reality. Your blog is a wonderful “book club” meeting place. Thank you for creating this space of engagement.

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    1. We entered the blogging community together, Cindy. And what a journey of discovery it has been. You continue to inspire and motivate me to seek positive outcomes for all. We live in a beautiful world, which you capture brilliant through your camera lens. Many hugs coming your way!

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    1. Oh, Elisabeth – so very well said. Thank you for introducing me to Russian Literature. As I wrote to Frances, I have a stash of Russian Caravan Tea to drink as I read “The Great Russian Short Story Collection” which features Fedor Sologub, Alexander Pushkin (our dear friend), Leo Tolstoy, Maxim Gorky, Nikolai Gogol, Fyodor Dostoyevsky. And then there are you great ideas that you introduced during WIT. It is going to be a great winter!

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      1. That sounds like a wonderful prospect! There’s nothing better than a nice cup of tea (or coffee, I like both) and a good book.

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    1. Thank you, Teagan, for introducing me to an incredible reading experience – Steampunk. This is the first time I heard about this genre and am now learning how it has influenced other creative endeavors – art, dance, music etc. I enjoy how Steampunk celebrates technology within elegance of a bygone era. Looking forward to dancing with Hullaba Lulu.

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