Last Night by Mary Jo Malo

Spring is the time for new things. For me, the “newness” was moving from home into nature to recite poetry.

Reciting Poetry in Nature, Spring 2020

My dear friend, Mary Jo Malo from This Shining Wound, Original Poetry by Mary Jo Malo, graciously gave permission for me to recite her poem, “Last Night.”

The night brings darkness, stillness, solitude and sleep. Yet, there is a light that lifts the shadows and reminds us that we have safety even in the most difficult circumstances. The moon that shines in our sky, is the same moon that bestowed light on ancient times. Our stories and mythologies have been carried through the centuries. Egyptians looked for Nut, the goddess of night and rebirth. Greeks looked to Artemis, goddess of the wilderness who was associated with the moon, while Romans spoke of Luna, goddess of the moon.

Mary Jo’s first lines visually welcomes us to “awake” without fear, to experience the comfort of familiarity, of being surrounded by light and “wrapped” in “glowing sheets.”

Her last lines guide our imaginations beyond our world to join with the night light and wait for the earth to rise.

Come join me in reciting Last Night.

Reciting Poetry in Early Spring, Vancouver, Canada

The moon shone brightly
through blinded windows
Woke me
Made huge horizontal stripes
on whitewashed walls
I turned toward its familiar beauty
Smiled widely
Then wrapped in my glowing sheets
rolled back away to sleep

The moon shines on
and Pine Ridge too
I want to be on the moon
and wait for the earth
to rise

Mary Jo Malo ©

Published by Rebecca Budd

Blogger, Visual Storyteller, Podcaster, Traveler and Life-long Learner

27 thoughts on “Last Night by Mary Jo Malo

  1. I love Mary Jo’s poetry and it was so nice to hear you read this one while out enjoying nature. It looks beautiful in Vancouver. I’m glad you’re out there soaking in the beauty of it all.

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    1. Mary Jo has a gentle way of sharing profound messages. She allows us to explore and imagine, to see the extraordinary in our daily lives. Simply magic! Thank you so much for your comments and visit – very much appreciated.

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  2. Thank you for sharing this lovely little poem, I enjoyed hearing you read it–I like your little poem book—I am sure you have other poems in it and I wait for you to share them. The moon has given me many happy evenings as it slowly passes across the heavens. I remember one, especially. In 1936, my parents went to see my mother’s friend who lived in Texas. They had met while they took nurses training and graduated together. Her friend had moved with her husband to Texas and had invited my parents to visit. Her friend and husband owned a motel and she invited my parents to stay in one of the rented spaces. We spent a happy time there, swimming in the ocean nearby and going fishing with my father. One evening when we were enjoying the nice warm weather in the lovely front yard, I commented on the beauty of the full moon. Then, my mother said: That is the same moon that you saw back in Nebraska. i remember the shock of that remark, I was only five years old, and it was such a surprise to me, I could hardly believe it. And–I have never forgotten how I felt at that moment.

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    1. What a fabulous moment to remember, Frances! You have the most wonderful memories. You parents, (my grandparents) lived through difficult years, when all was lost, except their love and compassion for family and the extended community. It has been 90 years since the Great Depression. What you have taught me is that when we face challenges we must support and encourage each other. Together, we can build resilience and courage. Hugs and love coming your way.

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      1. I was thinking the same thing. This is the first time that I heard this story, Liz! How wonderful that it was a poem that prompted a long-ago memory – a memory that may have never been known to me, unless Mary Jo had shared “Last Night.”

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  3. The shining moon gives comfort, indeed. How lovely to hear you recite one of Marj Jo’s poems. I am a big fan of her writing too. She has such a unique way of expressing herself and I enjoy my visits to her blog. It looks lovely (but chilly) in Vancouver that day you filmed the clip, and I hope you have a lovely week ahead, dear Rebecca xx

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    1. Thank you, Christy – so very glad you stopped by for a visit and for your comments. This video was taken the week that B.C. announced the lockdown. So much has changed over the course of two months. Mary Jo’s poetry reminds us to have courage and know that there are good forces at work. Sending many hugs across the strait!

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      1. I agree, Liz! I remember that I read Mary Jo’s poem the week the lockdown message was given. After two months, I still feel that we have entered a surrealistic dream or futuristic novel. Now, more than ever, we need to embrace our creative spirit. Poetry, music, art, books, photography, dancing bring a sense of calm into our daily interactions where we must learn new ways of connecting. There is still so much good in our world. Hugs coming your way.

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      2. Very surreal. To watch the CDC play the Cassandra role as the US tries for a socially responsible reopening is dystopian novel territory for sure. You’re so right about the need to embrace our individual and collective creative spirit now more than ever.

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  4. Rebecca, I don’t know how you find time for all you do! Blog posts, videos, podcasts, etc. This post is a striking combination of Mary Jo’s evocative poem, your wonderful recitation of it, and peaceful waterfowl cameos. 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Dave for your support and encouraging comments. Several years ago, I opened the cabinet where all my father’s photos were stored. As I sifted through the pictures, I realized what a gift my father had given our family. History of his time, of moments that would never happen again. This prompted a second look at how I documented my time, my moments. I realized that my father focused on events, people, communities – what made his life joyful. With the technology available today, there are more robust ways to capture moments. What makes me happy is conversations that allow for exploration and learning. In so doing, we enrich our lives and honour our friendships that give meaning to our days. I love following Misty’s adventures – soon to be a motion picture!!! Many many thanks.

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  5. How wonderful this is, Becky, thank you! We have had a lovely clear moon cycle over the last couple of weeks. In fact, you have reminded me of a magical event that I had completely forgotten about. I was woken in the night – about a fortnight ago I think – and soon realized why. I like to sleep with the window blinds up if possible, and the full moon was streaming through – a shaft of light directly on to my face. No wonder I woke up! It was quite a moment – almost like a dream really. 🌙💛 sending much love as always xxx

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    1. Goosebumps, Liz! I love how serendipity brings amount memorable moments. No wonder our “moon” mythologies continue. We relish the sunshine, but are forever unable to look directly into the fire. The moon allows us this privilege – to look into the depths of the light and savor its full beauty without fear or pain. Hugs and more hugs!

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  6. It’s a beautiful wake up post/poetry surrounded by gorgeous nature, thank you very much, Rebecca. I have , however, very big doubts, weather the human beings can just wait for the earth to rise without giving any help! All the best Martina

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    1. How very well said, Martina. The earth needs our help more than ever these days. First we must awake! And when we see nature taking us in, and the beauty surrounding us, we respond to nature’s call to action – we become part of the solution. As Jane Goodal said: “Only if we understand, will we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help shall all be saved.” Thank you for sharing this important journey! Hugs and more hugs coming your way.

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