Curious, Explore and Be Amazed

“We require from buildings two kinds of goodness: first, the doing their practical duty well: then that they be graceful and pleasing in doing it.”

John Ruskin

The Holiday Season was fast approaching when I walked about the grounds of Simon Fraser University in early December. But for students, exams come before the festivities.

All was quiet, even though the parking lots were filled, an indication that classrooms were being energized by students bringing their best efforts to the task at hand – integrating knowledge into succinct written text.

Simon Fraser University presides atop of a mountaintop.  Over 50 years ago, a young University of British Columbia architecture professor, Arthur Erickson, and his colleague Geoffrey Massey gave a nod to the past when their design reflected Athens’ acropolis and the hill towns of Italy. Perhaps it is the elevation or the pristine mountains that surround the buildings – there is a feeling that great things are happening in the corridors of an institution dedicated to learning.


Over the centuries humanity has created places for scholarship. While I have left the years of examinations behind me, I recognize that life-long learning is an ongoing participation within wider narrative. No matter what age we are, we must continue to be curious, to explore and be amazed by the knowledge that surrounds us.

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17 thoughts on “Curious, Explore and Be Amazed

    1. How very well said, Letizia!! I am so excited about New Year and the continuing journey. I’m thinking about revisiting books that inspired me in my teens and reflecting on how they influenced my thinking many decades later. Should be interesting!!! Remember Nancy Drew? Grimm’s Fairy Tales?


    1. I am excited about entering a fresh New Year and looking forward, with great anticipation, to our ongoing conversation. It is truly a delight to walk the same path together, Christy. Hugs!

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  1. I like the John Ruskin quote that you have used. I believe that builder’s desire is to make a statement of beauty to add to their building’s usefulness. We see it even in the ruins of buildings of long centuries ago. I remember enjoying the campus in Saskatoon– it has own personality, And, your photos of Simon Frazer campus shows a unique style and beauty of its own. It’s mountain top home gives it, I believe, gives an additional statement. An outstanding place to study and learn ! !

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    1. I love visiting Universities! They have a way of reminding me that we need to committed, as individuals and societies, to authentic research and an exploration of new possibilities. I visited the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, and the Universities of Winnipeg and Manitoba, University of Albert in Edmonton. I need to see if I have any photos – another project for 2018.

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  2. I always liked school but I am a much more eager and better learner now. I agree that learning should be a life-long process. A commitment even. I think when we stop being curious, then in some ways we cease to fully live.

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    1. I agree wholeheartedly – life-long learning is a commitment to living big lives. Keeping focused on learning allows us to transition to different stages of life. I love C.S. Lewis’s thoughts: “Some day you will. Be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.” My project for 2018 is to revisit some of the stories and books that inspired me as a teenager. Should be interesting…

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  3. A beautiful place and space for learning and I would love more people to take Ruskin’s words to heart. I am looking forward to more exploration and amazement in 2018. I am sure you are too. Some of it I will find on your blog. 🙂

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    1. In the summer months, Simon Fraser University Bagpipe Band holds their practices outside just before they head over to your side of the globe to attend the World’s in Glasgow. We are not that far apart, are we?

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