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Kaleidoscopes, those marvelous toys containing mirrors and pieces of coloured glass, amuse us with reflections that change patterns as we move a small tube around and around.  There is a random joy in each transformation that materialises as we gaze with rapt attention through a tiny eyehole. These constantly fluctuating designs are a reminder of the varied and vibrant patterns of our lives.

Today, this word became ever fresh in my mind when the postman delivered a package addressed to me from Quebec, Canada.    Inside, was Kaleidoscope, musings of life chronicles, by a wonderful blogger friend, Jean-Jacques Fournier.   His poetry creates amazing dialogues that explore the spirit of the human experience in a way that builds hope and resilience. The following poem brings out this message.


-worth the keep-

So many memories

Worth the keep,

Tho there be many

Begs a clean sweep,

For those evoked

Leads one to wallow,

In recollects thin

Bordering hollow,

Or colours memory

Of near wilting age,

Yet wants fellow

Bides to engage,

In worthy recalls

Before time shades,

What gave our life a stage!

 Jean-Jacques Fournier is a native of Montreal.  He started writing poetry in earnest while living in California in the early eighties. In the process of reinventing himself numerous time, his penchant for language of poetry seemed best suited to express emotional experiences.  He then spent several years pursuing his writing in the South of France, during which time he published his first three books.  He has since moved back to Canada and is now living in the Eastern Townships of the province of Quebec with his French wife Marianne, and two Maine Coon cats.  (From the back cover of Kaleidoscope)



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22 thoughts on “Poetry on a Canapé

  1. Hope, resilience and reinvention are words we need to see more of. Thanks for the poem and congratulations to Jean-Jacques on the publication of Kaleidoscope.


  2. How wonderful Rebecca to read the encouraging reactions to my book and one of the poems it contains. I am truly thankful to you for having shared this with these generous and appreciative people who follow your masterful writing and ever interesting subjects.
    I see you have given information for those interested to buy my books which may be purchased thru Amazon. I have taken the liberty of suggesting an alternative source to avail oneself of my books, including the recent Kaleidoscope, but frankly at far more reasonable prices. Here is the on line link for Lulu Publishing, and direct to the source… http://www.lulu.com/shop/jean-jacques-fournier/kaleidoscope-musings-of-life-chronicles/paperback/product-21670975.html
    Thank you again for your supportive interest. JJ


    1. Thank you, Jean-Jacques! I was thrilled and delighted to receive Kaleidoscope! The cover is truly a work of art – so many layers to contemplate. The lamp, statue, the light bulbs. Thank you for the link to http://www.lulu.com/shop/jean-jacques-fournier/kaleidoscope-musings-of-life-chronicles/paperback/product-21670975.html

      I especially liked the way you presented your poetry as “musings of life chronicles.” There is the underlying theme of living bold, without fear; being fully engaged in the present.

      Of Morrows
      – there’s barely time –

      On lifespan pace
      Days pass so fast,
      There’s barely time
      for morrows doubt,
      That begs to last
      Till twilight reaches out,
      To elucidate night’s face!

      I am looking forward to many hours of reading and re-reading! My greatest appreciation for your gift of poetry.

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      1. On behalf of Marianne and her creative talents, I am most happy to accept your accolade giving that book its visual life. I agree, it truly is a work of art.

        As for the the book content, the mention of yours and Paulette’s ongoing support, I reiterate brings indeed constant support for which I am truly grateful.


      2. How nice that you are finding a poem of mine to fit so readily for a particular day. That one especially “Time in Haste ~ wants waste ~ is a kind of wake up call that our society is made to move along ever faster, to keep up with faster computers, phones, cars, short cuts to eating and sleeping and so on. Sad to think that in the process of being so busy of taking advantage of these ingenious high speed advances into oblivion, we now have little or no time to appreciate our real, non virtual life. Such taking the time to admire up close the intricacies and magic of a flower, the lazy peaceful passing of fair weather clouds, or a lingering hug in lieu of a rushed departing peck on the cheek of a loved one.
        Maybe when I wrote this mini poem,I was subconsciously looking at the me I once was. For the likes of this kind of subject, a mini observation, as who wants too dwell too long on waste, when there is so little time for enjoying the simple most important things?


      3. I agree wholeheartedly. We find importance in being “important” so we move quickly to match the tempo of what has been set as the benchmarks for success and happiness. Busyness becomes our normality and life becomes of blur of keeping a frantic pace. I especially liked your phrase “Its haste Says life’s a race.” Life is NOT a race; it is an experience. I believe that our decisions define our lives. May we chose well.


      4. Bravo Rebecca, for not letting yourself being sucked in by the vortex of ever increasing high-speed living, with all of its brainwashing so-called ever more essential accoutrements, that sacrifices the simple peaceful things of life that which is not a race.


  3. Good to see you and your blog again. Somehow it hasn’t popped up in my feed lately until this. I, too, love kaleidoscopes! in fact, I used to collect them. They’re now scattered around the house in corners where I rarely pick them up. This will prompt me to search them out and do some twiddling!


    1. Another lover of kaleidoscopes!!!! Thank you for stopping by for a visit!!! I have been away from blogging a couple of weeks because my computer had a meltdown and I had to go out and find another one. Glad I had backups made. Being disconnected for a few days reminded me that we have become a global community where we depend upon wires, cable, WIFI and code to bring us together!!!

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  4. What a perceptive poem! I read it several times and will remember it. I would like to hear you read it using SoundCloud. I am thinking.that there are other unusual poems in his book–perhaps a purchase at Indigo would be good..


      1. Thank you so much for recommendation!!! I have Kaleidoscope on my computer desk so that I can begin my day with a poem. Today I chose “The Rain – a summer rain” to match the Vancouver weather of liquid sunshine.

        “I walk the rains
        Never gloomy
        Nor be pained,
        By summer rain
        Wants clear the air
        And feed my brain,
        To find ones way
        Bountiful worth,
        For life’s short lane!

        Jean-Jacques Fournier


    1. I still am fascinated by kaleidoscopes!!! I confess, that I came late to poetry. When I started listening to poetry, it all started to make more sense. That is why I have been trying to recite poetry using SoundCloud. It has been an interesting experience. 🙂

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