Thank you, Letizia!



“Pull up a chair. Take a taste. Come join us. Life is so endlessly delicious.” 
 Ruth Reichl

They call it social media, but I rather think of blogging as a conversation, an exchange of ideas that draws on the varied experiences and talents of a wider, global community.  A few weeks ago, Letizia from Reading Interrupted invited me to write a guest blog on George Washington which was in response to Letizia’s excellent post on Revisiting the Jefferson Bible. I encourage you to visit Letizia’s blog and enjoy reading (and participating in)  the animated discussion.

Thank you, Letizia, for introducing me to your dynamic and vibrant community. I look forward to every one of your posts. With a book in our hands, we are always on an adventure.


    • Thank you, Cindy! The dialogue allows us to live many adventures beyond our capabilities. We may live in a finite existence, yet when we participate within a community, the possibilities are infinite.

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  1. I loved having you on my blog and listening in on the conversations too! You’re so right, blogging is really like having a great conversation.

    p.s. I enjoyed reading Ruth Reichl’s memoirs. Have you read them? Your quotation reminded me of them as I read them a few years ago now.

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    • Thank you again, Letizia! I’m looking forward to our long and rewarding conversation. I have just ordered Garlic and Sapphires – the Secret Life of A Critic in Disguise by Ruth Reichl, through the Vancouver Public Library. I’m second in line! 🙂

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  2. It is a wonderful conversation we have. I thoroughly enjoy Letizia’s blog. As for the adventure in a book; when I was much much younger, I used to race through books. Now that I can no longer do that, I am enjoying my books so much more. They are becoming companions, friendly faces, fellow travellers.

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