Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens

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“About a year ago, I was informed by a doctor that I might have as little as another year to live.  In consequence, some of these articles were written with the full consciousness that they might be my very last.”

Christopher Hitchens

January 2011, I walked with Christopher Hitchens as he told me his life story through Hitch 22 in audio-book format.  His voice was strong without the weakness that came later.  January 2013, I am listening to his words through a voice of another.  And yet, there is no mistaking his clarity and driving forceArguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens is an anthology of some of  his best work.

Controversial, brilliant, and opinionated, Christopher Hitchens was a journalist that gave substance and drama to our time.  He made us think and demanded our full and unequivocal participation. I am looking forward to the journey ahead.  Arguably is a gift to us all.

“Electric and electrifying . . . high-spirited. . . . [Hitchens] has a mind like a Swiss Army knife, ready to carve up or unbolt an opponent’s arguments with a flick of the wrist. . . . The business and pleasure sides of Mr. Hitchens’s personality can make him seem, whether you agree with him or not, among the most purely alive people on the planet.” 
New York Times

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12 thoughts on “Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens

  1. Too bad I don’t know more about this unusual man. Must read! I have to read about this mother that he loved. Too bad, so many great thinkers have to die too young.


  2. In keeping with the times and given the size of the book, I’ve downloaded Arguments as an e-book, which this means I can read on the move. I’ve also pick up a hardback edition of Mortality, the last thoughts he wrote for newspaper column before he died. A sobering read, even a meditation on death itself, but none the less stimulating.



    1. I must read “Mortality”- if anyone would bring out truth “at the end” it would be Christopher Hitchens! I am taking “Arguably” one essay at a time. I want to enjoy this collection slowly.


      1. Yes. Something in me changed forever and I think of her many times. This probably is the only time Hitchen penned his words with self-restraint. Scars of heart don’t scream.


      2. What’s amazing is I had no clue or rather you never gave a hint about him. You’ve made me fearless now.
        Yes, Clanmother. Be assured. I’ll behave myself with utmost humility.


    1. I agree – Christopher Hitchens was difficult and maddening. I think that is why we loved him.

      “To be in opposition is not to be a nihilist.” Christopher Hitchens


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