OTR Reading Program 2013


“There is creative reading as well as creative writing.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

OnTheRoad Reading Program 2013 is ready to post – finally! Reading lists, in my experience, are in the same category as New Years resolutions. They seem easy at first and then they become “not so easy” when you put them into action.

My first draft was indisputably brilliant.  Then I made the colossal mistake of reviewing it the next day.  What was to be mere review became a full revision; followed by several more review/revision exercises. After all, constructing a reading program for the coming twelve months is a massive undertaking, especially when there are so many remarkable books from which to choose.  In my exuberance, I added more books with each amendment, all of which are rather substantial in nature.

I have posted OTR Reading Program 2013, under the heading “Reading Programs.” I anticipate that there were be further iterations as more recommendations come my way throughout the year. Reading is the conduit for transformation.   I have packed 2013 with a wonderful assortment of books that will give me many hours of enjoyment.  C.S. Lewis once said many years ago: “You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.”


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14 thoughts on “OTR Reading Program 2013

      1. The great thing about reading is that there are always more good books to read! Even if you can’t read them all or want to deviate to read others, you can get to them eventually 🙂


      2. Absolutely. I am learning to choose books that I speak to those subjects that are important to me – art, history, environmental issues etc. I am reading with a clearer understanding of the power of knowledge transfer.


    1. Going from past behavior, I will not be reading these books in any particular order. I’m currently reading “Retirement Heist” which is a real eye-opener. I first heard about “Retirement Heist” when Ellen Schultz was interviewed by Jon Stewart. Her grasp of the subject matter and her dedication to the truth was heartening. This was my first choice for 2013! Your visits and comments are very much appreciated.


  1. Thank you so much for the list. You’re probably right…reading lists are a bit like New Year’s Resolutions. The only difference is they’re a lot more fun to implement:-(


    1. I agree wholeheartedly!!! Once you pick up a book, it becomes a conversation between the writer and reader. One of the reasons I started a separate blog for reading was to keep track of my thoughts as I go along. So many insights are forgotten unless you write them down. Thank you for joining the dialogue. Your visits make my day!


    1. Audiobooks add a special element because of the voice. Since the beginning, we love to hear a story – sitting around a campfire, listening to a parent read a bedtime story. Now we have iPods! We may have new technology, but we have kept the storyteller.


  2. Fabulous! The list looks geat. I have only read one of these already – the Bryson – brilliant! And one of my goals for 2013 is to actually finish one non-fiction book a month (ie not just start one!!!). I’ll be reading some of these along with you, I’m sure.


    1. I’m so glad we are going to share ideas throughout the coming year! That is what makes reading all the more worthwhile. I am going to be hard pressed to finish all of these, but once the titles were written down, it became more concrete….


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