Star Trek – It Was All True

A Briefer History of Time was about curiosity, guesswork, hope and wonder.  I understood about 35%  and  of the contents, which was enough to recognize that dreaming “big” is the only way to go. Remember “beam me up, Scottie.”   How about wormholes, photon torpedoes, multiple dimensions, time travel?  It is possible. It is about finding the light in the darkness and walking toward discovery.

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One thought on “Star Trek – It Was All True

  1. It is amazing to see in reality what we thought was all way-out and in the imagination of some very good screen writers and animators. Even the graphics were ahead of their time. Now it is coming to virtual reality. Dad listened to T.V. last night,(I wish I had listened.) In the presentation they talked of putting a colony on Mars in the near future. It would take three months to get there even at the trementdous speed possible now, but that is not the biggest problem. They will have to find some way to change the atmosphere there to accomodate us humans and perhaps the dwellings would have to be underground. And that wasn’t all–we will be hearing more about this, I am sure, in the near future. Very exciting.


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