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A Briefer History of TimeI

A Briefer History of Time

by Stephen W. Hawking, Leonard Mlodinow

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Cleopatra is in transit, so I turned to Stephen Hawking for solace.   I was pleased to see that my friend Leonard Mlodinow came along for the ride.   I first met Leonard Mlodinow when I read: The Drunkard’s Walk: How Randomness Rules Our Lives. It was a page turner.   A Briefer History of Time begins with Aristotle and proceeds quickly to Galileo and Newton.  Three words came to mind:  creativity, courage and curiosity.  Without curiosity, we languish in mediocrity.  Without courage, we accept status quo.  Without creativity, we do not see the beauty of knowledge in action.  So I salute the “giants” on whose shoulders we stand.

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  1. I have asked the Vancouver Public Library, my favourite destination after Chapters & Indigos, to hold “The Grand Design.” I am in 5 place and counting down.


  2. It will be a good read, no doubt. I have his book also with Leonard Mlodinov. “The Grand Design” I have only started to read it, but intent to finish it. It starts out with the same info about very early scientists, even earlier than Aristotle. A big eye opener for me.


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