Catching Life By the Throat: Poems from Eight Great Poets by Josephine Hart

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Christopher reminded me that poetry transcends generational and cultural differences by speaking to the human condition.  Emotional insight, radical thoughts and shared joy or sorrow come from a few words that have been purposely brought together by a poet’s thoughts.  Last week, I was at my favourite haunt – Indigos – checking out the $2.00 “last book” clearance shelves. There are treasures to be found!  And I did find a jewel:  Catching Life by The Throat!  W.H. Auden, often referenced in Hitch22, is one of the eight poets discussed in the book.  Here is an excerpt the chapter:  W.H. Auden – Truth Out of Time:

“One Sunday afternoon in March 1922, a school friend casually asked me if I wrote poetry.  I, who had never written a line or even read one with pleasure, decided at that moment that poetry was my vocation.”  Just like that.  And therein lies the mystery of Auden.


  1. I think that we would take greater care in our choice of words, if we only recognized that they have the power to do good. So many times I have been either flippant or frivolous. So let’s go for all those apples of gold in pictures of silver!!!