The King’s Speech: good movie, very bad history. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine

The King’s Speech: good movie, very bad history. – By Christopher Hitchens – Slate Magazine.

The Book Club spent Christmas Day at the movies.  We started out with True Grit:  NOT a Christmas theme and NOT my kind of movie.   But all was not lost; just in the adjacent movie theatre we heard the audience clapping at the end of The King’s Speech.  A few hours later, we were clapping, too.  The King’s Speech portrayed an iconic time and place.  A new king unable to communicate with his people; a nation facing a great war against evil; a courageous government standing firm and together.  We want to believe that it all happened just like “in the movie.”  Since I am “walking with Christopher” these days, I have come to know that he is rather well versed in historical politics.  Here is his take on The King’s Speech!

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  1. The movie was great! C H is a great debater who loves to stir up controversy. I think he believes that truth comes when we question. How often do we care enough to question?


  2. I would like to see the movie–it certainly has good reviews! I read C.H’s review–very illuminating. I watched him on some i tunes–quite a man. On one i tune the monitor apologized at the end because he couldn’t control the debate. C.H. wouldn’t stop talking to let the other fellow comment. Oh well, a person has to remember that C.H. isn’t the only great historian, perhaps there are other opinions–of this I am quite sure.